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Two Richmond Students Were Hit Walking to Elementary School


Two students were hit crossing Dorset Road on their way to Broad Rock Elementary School. Thank goodness, they are in stable condition.

The students live “just four houses away from the school”. The picture above [full resolution] is approximately how far they had to walk.

The response of Richmond Public Schools:

Every child at Broad Rock Elementary School is assigned to a school bus, including the two children involved in the accident. Some parents have elected to have their children walk to school. Those parents have been informed to walk with their children.

All students should be able to walk to school safely. The City of Richmond is responsible for that safety.

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ISSUE 4: School buses not picking up kids

We received a complaint from a parent today that he learned his daughter was not being picked up when dispatch called his house.  We offered to look into the issue and see if this is a system wide problem or an isolated incidence. 

We need a volunteer owner for this issue.  Please contact us at rpsactionsquad@ gmail . com. 

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ISSUE 2 and 3 Raised Today: Technology Needs of Teachers and Aging Athletic Fields

ISSUE NUMBER 2: Technology Needs for Teachers
804 RVA is tackling a DonorsChoose and Tablet Extravaganza Holiday Drive for RPS Teachers. Currently there are 85 teachers desiring tablets or other technology on www.donorschoose.org. We will host and promote a drive this holiday season to adopt these classrooms and get them covered. If you know of an RPS teacher who needs a tablet for the classroom or you have one to donate, please reach out to us.

ISSUE 3: Aging Athletic Fields
The communication and social media office of Richmond Public Schools noticed our campaign and reached out for help.  They have a specific request for help with students at John Marshall High School which we are facilitating- but it involves the broader question of aging athletic fields at our area high schools. Interested in running with this issue? Let us know and we will induct you into the Action Squad.

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Email sent to City Council and Byron Marshall today

Thanks to Parker, Ellen and Reva who have responded with identified issues, plans for moving forward and pledges to contact their school board representatives.  Attached is our assessment of Elementary School crosswalk bike and walk safety.  We are still waiting for many of you to respond.  Please email us and let us know about known or perceived issues or plans.  We will do our next report on the status of this project by the end of the day today. 

A reminder of why we are asking for your help - crosswalks and traffic around schools falls under the governance of the Police Department not Schools.  This means individual schools and school board members have been unable to make adequate traction on these issues. Please help ensure all of our schools are safe to Walk or Bike to. 

Sarah Milston
Co-Chair RPS Action Squad
The Squeaky Wheel for RPS Parents

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ISSUE: School Safety on Crosswalks for bikes and feet


A verbatim account of a recent email submitted.  Feel free to copy and reiterate this is a concern of yours as well to your local representative. 

I am a parent and co-chair of RPS Action Squad. It has been brought to our attention recently that students walking safely to school is an issue. This was recently solved at Holton Elementary and we want to see that it gets addressed and solved at all of our schools. So why write our city council members and not school board? Rest assured they are being asked for help as well. I understand from the recent success at Holton that the power to add a crossing guard and crosswalk lies at the intersection of traffic and RPS police.

What we are asking:
All RPS Schools should have a safe walking and biking path. Telling kids that riding the bus is not a solution to this problem.

What we want you to do:
1. Survey your schools by driving by, calling Principals, asking your constituents and see who has a problem with safety.
2. Let us know the status, we will keep an updated list.
3. Help us get crossing guards and crosswalks where they are needed.

Sarah Milston
5th District
Co-Chair RPS Action Squad

sent on 10/29/13 by email to City Council, School Board, Police Chief, Mayor, and City Administrator 


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Access and Attention

Determined Richmond parents can effect positive change at their schools, but it takes time and knowing who to call. As problems are solved at our individual schools, those solutions and resources should be shared with parents citywide.

What can you do:

1. Bring attention to an issue. Need a crosswalk? Does your teacher need an email address? Do you have a safety concern? Tell us. You are probably not alone.

2. Pool our resources—odds are your issue is the same as someone else in another school. We can work to attract attention to your issue and help get it addressed at all of our schools.

3. Join us. Volunteer your time and direct attention from press, politicians, movers and shakers. You probably have better ideas than we do; we will gladly steal them.

We are not experts, just humble parents trying to make a it little easier to make things a little better in our city schools.

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